h Sewing Notions

For the more talented among you who like to sew your own clothes, we offer a few items that may be of use to you.

Our fine zippers are perfect for bodysuits, jumpsuits, duffles, and a variety of other uses. We offer tan zippers in a 4" length. The 7" zippers come in black, white, and cedar green, and have a very finely knitted nylon tape for more flexibility. These can also be cut to shorter lengths if needed. If you know how to sew, you probably already know how to do that. Go to Fine Zippers for a peek at them.
Price: $1.00 each.

Our separating zippers are also made by YKK. We use smaller 3 1/4" white zippers and 4" black zippers for light jackets and windbreakers, and a larger 5" black zipper for parkas and heavy coats. The pull on the larger zipper is much too large, and for appearance sake we remove this pull and use a loop of cord. Go to Separating Zippers for a look at these.
Price: $1.00 each.

Another handy item we use are snap buckles. We offer two different styles. Both are used with 1/2" wide tape or belting. The Long Buckle is good for applications where no turning is involved, such as our backpacks. The Short Buckle is best used where shorter length is desired, such as a belt. Both are available in black.
Price: $1.00 each.

We use two different sizes of buttons on our garments.
Size #8(3/16") buttons(shown) are available in black, navy blue, dark green, burgundy, bright yellow, French blue, red, and cream. This size is also available in a translucent white.
Size #10(1/4") buttons are available in black, dark green, navy blue, burgundy, mauve, French blue, and red. This size is also available in a translucent blue or white. Buttons come six of one size and color per package. Some colors or sizes may only be available in limited quantities, and selection is always subject to availability.
Go to Buttons for an example of our buttons.
Price: $1.00 per package of six.

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