Gary Anderson's
Resident Evil 2 "Leon"

A couple of years ago we were contacted by Gary Anderson about making a vest for his proposed Racoon City Police Department Leon figure from the video game Resident Evil 2. We did the vest at that time, but didn't hear anything from Gary for awhile.

As happens with so many of us, Gary had put the project back for a later date. Just recently we got back in touch, and Gary had us make the pants and shirt he needed to finish his figure. When combined with Gary's excellent detailing, the results are outstanding!

Using the clothes we had done as a base, Gary added the elbow pads, sleeve and back vest patches, belt, leg wraps, gloves and bandage detail. When he added just the right weathering job, you can see the results.

He also did a great job adding Leon's hair to a standard Hasbro Classic Collection figure. Nice work, Gary! See some other shots of Gary's work, along with his very cool diorama in some excellent photos taken by Jeff Kaupas here.


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