Alan Grabie's
Custom AT Figures

We are often amazed at the creativity our customers use in combining various Project Are items to create their own custom figures. Alan Grabie is one who is blessed with that creativity. He sent us this picture of three custom figures he recently put together using Project ARE clothing. He also had the figures custom flocked. Notice the bald head on the left, the grey temples in the center, and the light blond on the right.

The figure on the left is outfitted with Project ARE pants, belt, dress shirt and tie, and labcoat. The center figure wears Project ARE pants with cargo pockets, and a turtleneck with an embroidered AT patch. The figure on the right wears Project ARE pants with cargo pockets and a turtleneck with embroidered AT patch. His belt is the elastic web belt we offer. Very nice job indeed, Alan!

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