Bits & Pieces

This page is where we offer our leftover bits and pieces. These may consist of overstocked Cotswold items, extra things made by us but no longer being offered, extra things made by us that we have too many of, or pieces from the various major manufacturers that we don't have need of. The contents of this page will change as items are sold, so check back often.

Please Read Before Ordering: Shipping will be extra, and you will be quoted a shipping price with your order confirmation. We attempt to come as close as we can to actual shipping cost. Insurance is extra, and is your option. We make every effort to package your order to arrive safely. However, once your order is shipped we can not be responsible for loss or damage to uninsured packages.

We use the U.S. Postal Service because they are close, and because we can depend on their shipping charges matching their published rates. We do not have a local UPS or FEDEX shipping agent that will ship for the prices quoted on their websites, so please don't ask us to ship via these carriers.

Please contact us before sending payment to confirm that the item you need is still available. Items marked (PENDING) are sold and awaiting receipt of payment. Unfortunately, some customers never send payment for items they order, so check back in a few days for availability on those items marked (PENDING).

NOTE: Since Bits and Pieces items are in limited supply, and multiple requests for the same item are often received, we ask that payment for your order be received within 7 days from the date you are notified with an order total, unless other arrangements are made.

  • Packaged Items -- Unopened boxed and packaged figures and accessories.
  • Vintage Hasbro -- Loose pieces from the vintage era, or vintage-style items(Masterpiece Collection, Timeless Collection, etc).
  • Modern Hasbro -- Loose pieces from the modern era.
  • Miscellaneous -- Loose pieces from many sources no longer needed by us. Discontinued Project ARE items. A little bit of everything for your 1/6th scale collection.
  • 21st Century -- Loose pieces from 21st Century Toys.
  • Femmes Fatales -- Bits & Pieces for the ladies.