Project Are Gallery

Where we feature pictures done by our customers using clothing and accessories from Project-Are Action Outfitters, plus other pictures of interest.

Gary Anderson

We recently had an opportunity to do some custom clothes for a Leon figure from the Resident Evil 2 video game for Gary Anderson. You can see Gary's Leon figure, with all the details he added, and a really cool diorama he did here.

Later Gary wanted to do another of the Resident Evil characters. Here, from Resident Evil 2 is Clair Redfield.

Here's another custom uniform we did for Gary Anderson. You can see Gary's Sandman figure from the 70's movie Logan's Run, along with the details he added here.

Skip Are

Since I was a kid, I've always been a fan of the Hardy Boys detective series. A set of Hardy Boys action figures was produced in the 1970's, but they never really were Frank and Joe Hardy to me. Go to my Hardy Boys page to see what the boys should look like.

When I was shooting photos for the overcoat page I decided to play around with the lighting just to see what would come out. I couldn't very well use this shot to show off the overcoats, but it made me think of two spies passing stolen documents. I decided to call it "The Drop" and I hope you like it.

Sue Bartlett

Action clothing can be found in many places, but usually it represents some military or law enforcement activity. Sue Bartlett needed clothing to outfit her figures that, in general, represent the vast majority of people we see everyday on the street. She has used a selection of Project ARE items to accomplish this. See some of these ensembles here.

Robbie Cathcart

Rob Cathcart has made a custom conversion of a G.I. Joe Sea Wolf to produce his very fine "Wharf Rat" spy submersible. He added a Project ARE bodysuit on his Sea Adventurer to create a great combination. See Rob's excellent conversion here.

Mike Cherry

During the time span when Mike Cherry was doing his incredible custom female figures, Robin sewed some of the uniforms that Mike needed for his ladies. Mike combined those uniforms with his own insignia and artistic enhancements to create some memorable works of art. See some of those incredible pieces here.

Daniel Edwards

Daniel Edwards contacted us to make some multipocket utility pants like those worn by NASA's shuttle astronauts during various training exercises. He then combined them with some detailing of his own. See Daniel's work here.

A problem with many of the vintage GI Joe rubber dive suits is there tendency to rot and fall apart, sometimes even sticking to the figure they are on. Project ARE offers a lycra replacement for those rubber suits. Daniel Edwards utilized one of these and produced some outstanding photos of Joe underwater. See those superb shots here.

Brad Fyfe

Brad Fyfe has done a very nice custom Indiana Jones. He used a pair of our khaki pants. See Brad's work here.

Greg Gieras

Greg Geiras has used some Project ARE items to make a character from the movie Die Hard. See Greg's work here.

Jerry Gonzalez

Jerry Gonzalez used one of our lycra wetsuit combinations to replace the orange rubber wetsuit that came with the AT Danger of the Depths set. He also asked us to do a custom purple and black bodysuit, which he used with his cool version of Action Man's arch-enemy, Doctor X. See Jerry's work here.

Jerry wanted to assemble a reproduction Adventure Team Missle Recovery set using newer components. See the results of Jerry's work here.

From the movie THE HULK, here is Jerry's version of Dr. David Banner.

Fangs of the Cobra, anyone? You don't see too many Mike Power customs. See one that Jerry made here.

Combine an Action Man figure, a cool accessory set, and a nice outfit, and come up with a very sweet customization. See Jerry's Skateboard Extreme custom here.

Alan Grabie

Alan Grabie has used some Project ARE items and some custom flocking to create some unique AT figures. See Alan's work here.

Jim Kania

Jim Kania needed some karate outfits for his BBI Perfect Body figures. See how his sweet ladies turned out here.

Carl Knight

Carl Knight's interest is in horror pictures, and he uses the Steve Austin wrestling figure as a basis to make various characters from different movies. Here is a pair of jeans and a flannel shirt we made for one of Carl's figures, his custom Michael Myers. Carl doesn't have a camara, so we can't show you the finished figure, but hope to someday. See the set here.

Rex Kwiecien

Part of Rex Kwiecien's GI Joe collection is based on a Jewish/Israeli theme. He recently had us do a reproduction Fight For Survival set. See some great arctic pictures here.

Rex also wanted to provide some variety in the look of his modern AT team. The addition of new jumpsuits did the trick. Check them out here.

Chris Musial

Chris Musial used a Project ARE outfit for an uncommon custom. See Chris' Chuck Norris Here.

Tim Ritchey

Tim Ritchey has used some custom Project ARE pants and shirts to make some U.S. Navy officers' uniforms. See Tim's work here.

Tim likes the television show J.A.G. See his excellent recreation of characters from the show here.

Jason Stone

Jason Stone called on Project ARE to supply some items to make his customized classic comic book superheroes. See Jason's Crimson Avenger here.

David Walsh

David Walsh is a fan of the theatrical entertainment troupe, The Blue Man Group. He used some of our standard offerings and some creative work of his own to recreate them in 1/6 scale. You can see David's work, with his nice diorama here.

Project ARE at JoeLanta 2002

JoeLanta is a wonderful show put on once a year by Jim Marianetti, Buddy Finethy, and Lanny Lathem. If you've never been to JoeLanta, you are really missing something. Here are a few pics of our display, along with a link to the whole JoeLanta show site.

h American Girl Doll Clothes

Yeah, I know it's not 12" action figures, but we also make quality clothes and accessories for the American Girl Dolls manufactured by the Pleasant Company. If you have a daughter, wife, sister or mother who has an American Girl Doll, check out what we offer at