Project ARE Action Outfitters is:

Skip and Robin at JoeLanta 2002.
OUR COMPANY PHILOSOPHY -- Project ARE Action Outfitters is a small company dedicated to providing quality made and unique clothing and accessories for the 1/6 scale action figure hobby. With very few obvious exceptions, everything we sell is made by us, or by friends of ours who have the same philosophy as we do. Being small, we are able to offer a level of value, service and flexibility that is not possible with mass produced or overseas production. We spend a great deal of time and effort designing and making what we sell, and our goal is to offer only those items which can reflect that effort. We want to satisfy our customers, not through phoney slogans or hidden agendas, but through hard work and honest effort. ROBIN ARE -- Chief designer, tailor and seamstress. Robin is the "talent" position in our organization. Coming from a family of needlecrafters, she has been sewing since she was a small girl. After a career in the US Navy, she settled into her own doll clothes sewing business shortly after retiring in 1994. She has been sewing clothing and accessories for 12" action figures since 1996. She was the primary seamstress and pattern maker for Adventure Gear until early 2001, and her work can be seen in many of the offerings of such well known customizers as Fred Jeska, Mike Cherry, Jim Marianetti of ACES, and John Ivory of John's Stuff. She has also done 1/6 scale work for commercial firms such as Trinity Communications and Burton Snowboards.
SKIP ARE -- Administrator, researcher, product engineer and general flunky. Skip got his first GI Joes in 1964. Like many others, he grew out of them and pursued other interests until 1993, when the Hall Of Fame figures enticed him back into the hobby. He serves many functions with Project ARE, from assisting Robin with design work and assembly, maintaining the web site, doing the administrative chores, to order packing and shipping.